Thank you for your help in leading a volunteer group! As a Team Leader, you will partner with our volunteer department to coordinate the workday. Every volunteer group has a different dynamic, but the typical time commitment for Team Leaders before a build day will be between 5-10 hours.

As a Team Leader, you will:

  • Recruit a team of 8-10 volunteers for the workday. Take advantage of your personal, work, church, or other affiliations to build interest and gather volunteers. Emails, phone calls, and simply asking in person can be an easy way to recruit volunteers. Let us know if you need any more help!
  • Manage communication to the volunteer team. This includes informing your team of what they should bring, what they should wear, the day, the time, the address, and the activity your group will accomplish.
  • Select the day your group will volunteer.
  • Coordinate with the Volunteer Department for volunteer day information and team updates.
  • Submit the team registration form no later than 2 business days before the volunteer day.
  • Support the site leaders during the volunteer day by being the point-of-contact!

Milwaukee Habitat will:

  • Coordinate with Team Leader to schedule volunteer workday.
  • Notify Team Leaders about recruitment information, including the workday FAQ.
  • Give a “new volunteer orientation” for the Team Leader, if preferred.
  • Inform the Team Leader of the volunteer day details about a week before the volunteer day.
  • Teach your team about worksite safety and how to perform the day’s task.
  • Provide worksite leadership.
  • Take a team photo for your website or newsletter!
  • Share about the awesome work of your volunteer team on our Facebook page.

For more information please contact Beth Van Gorp at 414-316-5615.