Welcome Home

Kendell & Brown

Imagine living with a broken water heater for nearly a year, heating up water on the stove anytime you needed warm water. That was the reality for Kendell and his family at their previous rental.

With support from Komatsu, Kendell and his uncle Brown, teamed up to build a safe, affordable Habitat home. Kendell proposed to Brown, who’s legally blind, that they buy a home together. Kendell will be able to assist Brown with daily activities, while their combined incomes made it affordable to build a place where Kendell’s son Keanu could truly call home.

“I want you to know that you all are making dreams come true,” says Kendell.

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From a young age, Zandra set a goal to one day own her own home. After dealing with bad landlords year after year, she invested in safe, affordable Habitat homeownership.

With support from Komatsu, she built a stable home where her two children can call home for years to come.  

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