We build strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter.

At Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, we believe everyone deserves a decent place to live. Together with people in our community, we help families build and improve places to call home. We believe affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and stable communities.

Neighborhood Revitalization

Hardworking Milwaukee families are finding it increasingly difficult to afford a place to call home. Nearly 60% of Milwaukee renters are living in unaffordable housing. We're changing that, one neighborhood at a time.


Volunteer With Us

You don’t need to swing a hammer to build safe, affordable homes. In addition to our construction volunteer opportunities, you can make a difference by cashiering at our ReStores, salvaging with our Deconstruction team, serving on a committee, and more!

Affordable Home Ownership & Repairs

Do you want to own your own brand new home? Are you a homeowner in need of critical repairs? We make home ownership and repairs affordable for qualifying families.

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What's Happening

In the Asian country of Myanmar (also known as Burma), ethnic minorities like the Karen people have been forced from their homes and communities in what's been labeled as the world's longest running civil war. More than 1 million people were displaced inside Myanmar, with over 100,000 fleeing to refugee camps in Thailand. The government of Myanmar has been accused of using "scorched earth" tactics against civilians in what some have labeled as ethnic cleansing. The atrocities include burning down entire villages, planting landmines, using civilians as slave labor, using civilians as minesweepers, and the rape and murder of women.

Today, we celebrate with four Karen families who escaped persecution to establish new roots here in Milwaukee. From living in refugee camps for years, to being granted entrance into the United States, and finding employment while adapting to a new language and culture, this journey has no doubt been arduous. Habitat made it affordable for these four families to build brand new homes here in Milwaukee and realize the safety, stability and security of having a place to call their own once again.

Special thanks to Sargento Cheese and all of the volunteers and supporters who helped make these moments possible.
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11 hours ago

Coming to the Brewer game today? Come get your grub outside section 228 and help us build homes in Zambia!

Coming to the Brewer game today? Come get your grub outside section 228 and help us build homes in Zambia! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

Imagine living with a broken water heater for nearly a year, heating up water on the stove anytime you needed warm water. That was the reality for Kendell and his family at their previous rental.

With support from Komatsu, Kendell and his uncle Brown, teamed up to build a safe, affordable Habitat home. Kendell proposed to Brown, who’s legally blind, that they buy a home together. Kendell will be able to assist Brown with daily activities, while their combined incomes made it affordable to build a place where Kendell's son Keanu could truly call home.

“I want you to know that you all are making dreams come true,” says Kendell.
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6 days ago

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