First Midtown 100 Family Moves In

Tiara, a mother of two (one an infant), for the past few years has been raising her young daughter in what she describes as a “concrete townhouse.” Simple concrete block, without insulation, was all that’s been separating her family from the cold Wisconsin winters. Heating bills had been through the roof. On top the mounting heating bills, Tiara’s landlord had raised the cost of her rental twice in just over a year.

With help from Milwaukee Habitat, Tiara built a safe, affordable home becoming the first family of Milwaukee Habitat’s historic Midtown 100 initiative. Thanks to your support, Tiara now owns a home where she can raise her children for years to come.

99 more homes are being built, rehabbed and repaired in the Midtown neighorhood over the next three years to create the highest concentration of affordable, single family homes built in Milwaukee since WWII.

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