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ARPA Could Create Generational Opportunity For Affordable Housing

This is both an exciting and important time for our community as the Milwaukee Common Council considers how to allocate the first tranche of $200 million in federal funding made available through the American Rescue Plan Act. There is a real opportunity to implement transformative change in Milwaukee with this funding, and we believe that… Read more

ReStore Volunteers Turn Tables and Chairs into Affordable Homes

ReStore Volunteers Turn Tables and Chairs into Affordable Homes Each year, Milwaukee’s ReStores raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to build safe, affordable homes in our community through the resale of donated items. After shopping at the ReStores for years and learning about the mission, Nancy decided she wanted to become more involved. Now she… Read more

Sweat Equity Brings Confidence to Homeowners

Sweat Equity Brings Confidence to Homeowners As part of our build it and buy it model, Habitat homeowners like Angela, help build their own homes during sweat equity hours. Sweat equity is an opportunity for families to have hands-on experience helping build their safe, affordable home alongside Habitat staff and volunteers. Sweat equity is also… Read more

Habitat Goes Solar

Habitat Goes Solar Part of a years-long effort to offset energy costs is beginning to payoff in a big way at Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. Over the past two years, Construction Director Chris Garrison has led a side project to decrease our organization’s overhead, while creating a self-sustaining source of energy. Solar panels were installed… Read more