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Habitat Goes Solar

Habitat Goes Solar Part of a years-long effort to offset energy costs is beginning to payoff in a big way at Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity. Over the past two years, Construction Director Chris Garrison has led a side project to decrease our organization’s overhead, while creating a self-sustaining source of energy. Solar panels were installed… Read more

Bucks & Sargento Tipoff for Homes Build Begins

Bucks & Sargento Tipoff for Homes Build Begins All week long, Sargento employees are in Milwaukee’s Midtown neighborhood to raise the walls of a safe, affordable Habitat for Humanity home. Sargento sponsored this home in part through their Tipoff for Homes partnership with the NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks. Sargento donated $500 for every tipoff won… Read more

Hanging Memories On A New Wall

Hanging Memories On A New Wall Sasha’s mother loved photography. Growing up in Chicago, Sasha says her mom was always capturing moments on film. Framed family photos lined the walls of stairwells. It’s a memory that reminds Sasha of home. “That’s always symbolized happiness, the American Dream,” she says. “I’ve always wanted to read the… Read more