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Celebrating Milwaukee Habitat Day with Malik

Celebrating Milwaukee Habitat Day with Malik Eight years ago, on Friday, June 17th, 2016, we celebrated a significant milestone as Milwaukee Habitat welcomed its 1,000th family served into their new home in the Washington Park neighborhood. That day, then Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett officially declared June 17th Milwaukee Habitat day. As of this year, we… Read more

Planting Joy: Milwaukee Habitat’s Annual Plant Share

Planting Joy: Milwaukee Habitat’s Annual Plant Share On June 1st, the Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity parking lot transformed into a garden full of an array of plants. Dozens of plant and vegetable varieties crowded one side of the parking lot, waiting to be replanted outside a Habitat home. Habitat homeowners lined up around the block… Read more

Shirron’s Home Dedication: “This is My Journey”

Shirron’s Home Dedication: “This is Where I’m Supposed To Be” Earlier this year, Shirron became a first-time homebuyer and moved into her brand-new Habitat home in the Harambee neighborhood.  We celebrated with Shirron outside her new home surrounded by family, friends, staff, volunteers, and sponsors.  During the dedication celebration, she reflected on what this journey… Read more

Manifesting Homeownership

Manifesting Homeownership Ashley has been manifesting homeownership for years. She believes in the power of positivity and has used it to fulfill her dream of becoming a homeowner.  “When you speak positive, positive will come,” Ashley said. “I always manifested [homeownership]. Then it happens. You have to be positive.”  Ashley is now building a brand… Read more

Build Season Is Underway!

Build Season Is Underway! At Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, we’re excited to share some fantastic news: our 2024 build season is officially underway! This year, we’re aiming to construct 32 new homes in the Harambee, Lindsay Heights, and Midtown neighborhoods, addressing Milwaukee’s urgent need for affordable housing. To help kick things off, we’ve teamed up… Read more

Something Worth Fighting For

Something Worth Fighting For Canience understood the profound significance of homeownership, recognizing it as something worth fighting for. To her, it was more than property ownership; it was a cornerstone for her children’s well-being and future. Before finding Milwaukee Habitat, Canience struggled to make this dream a reality. She was denied affordable loans and could… Read more

Celebrating 1000 Deconstructions

Celebrating 1000 Deconstructions I want to share three remarkable numbers with you: 1000, 30,000, and 5,000,000.  1000: the number of Deconstruction Projects the Decon Team officially completed. CBS58 was on hand Wednesday to capture the milestone project. Watch the coverage here. 30,000+: the number of hours our dedicated Deconstruction volunteers have given to the program. … Read more

40 Years of Building Homeownership

40 Years of Building Homeownership In November of 1983, a group of 12 individuals deeply concerned about the lack of affordable housing in Milwaukee gathered at Bay Shore Lutheran Church. They came together to meet with Habitat for Humanity’s founder, Millard Fuller. In spite of having no money, no house, and no prospective homebuyer, Millard… Read more

Building Dreams: A Walk Through Milwaukee’s Habitat’s Homeownership Initiative

Building Dreams: A Walk Through Milwaukee’s Habitat’s Homeownership Initiative In the heart of Milwaukee’s King Park neighborhood, a vibrant tapestry of hope and opportunity is being woven, one home at a time. On a sunny afternoon, amidst the whispers of fresh paint and the echoes of power tools, County Executive David Crowley and Milwaukee Habitat… Read more