Spring Cleaning Helping Habitat Build Homes

Spring Cleaning Helping Habitat Build Homes This spring cleaning season, Milwaukee area residents are donating gently used home goods to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStores, helping the organization build much-needed affordable homes in our community. Whether it’s to make room for a new chair or a brand new kitchen, Habitat’s ReStores accept items ranging from tools… Read more

Preserving a Legacy of Homeownership 

Preserving a Legacy of Homeownership  21 years ago, Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity partnered with Annie to help her build and buy a brand new home in the Midtown neighborhood. Her son Royce spent his childhood in the home and has many fond memories there. Today, through the Critical Home Repair program, Milwaukee Habitat is helping… Read more

Becoming ‘The Boss Of My Own House’

Becoming ‘The Boss Of My Own House’ Jennifer sees the investment in homeownership as an opportunity to build independence and stability for her and her four children. In the three bedroom unit she’s currently renting, she’s experiencing the same types of issues that so many renters in our community are dealing with. “Rents can change…. Read more

The Habitat Homeowner Bond

The Habitat Homeowner Bond The journey to Habitat homeownership requires discipline, hard work, and sacrifice. It is an experience unique to the Habitat program and one that only Habitat homeowners understand. Because of this, the relationship between Habitat homeowners is special. Sometimes, like for Chelmicia and Colette, the connection begins before the homeownership journey. Chelmicia… Read more

Quaveion Intends On Building His Dream Home

Quaveion Intends On Building His Dream Home When it comes to investing in homeownership, Quaveion says, “It’s better to start now than later.” Like so many in the area, he’s watched his rent increase year over year. Rental prices spiked coming out of the peak of the pandemic, particularly for Wisconsin families who experienced some… Read more

MLK’s Fair Housing Legacy

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Fair Housing Legacy Since 1986, the United States has dedicated the third Monday in January to honor the birth of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This day, commonly known as “MLK Day,” commemorates Dr. King’s accomplishments and encourages individuals to serve and uplift their communities. Although Dr. King… Read more

Building Homes and Community

Persephone’s block Building Homes and Community Here at Milwaukee Habitat, we are proud to be a community. We are a community of homeowners, volunteers, staff, supporters, neighborhoods, friends, and family. We work together for one common goal: affordable homeownership. This shared goal brings many people together and creates unique and impactful relationships. A recent example… Read more

Stephanie’s Building Her Future

Stephanie’s Building Her Future By investing in homeownership, Stephanie is seeking to build a foundation of stability for her family. With her four year old son, Jaxen, and a little girl on the way, Stephanie is building a three bedroom home in Milwaukee’s Midtown neighborhood. Family is extremely important to Stephanie, another reason why this… Read more