Annual Report 2021

a word from our executive director For so many families in our community, 2021 necessitated tremendous resilience. The ongoing pandemic encumbered strain and hardship on our neighbors throughout the city, but particularly those earning below Milwaukee’s median income. As immense challenges like these persist, it’s more important than ever to come together and support one… Read more

Justina’s Investment in Equity & Community

Justina’s Investment in Equity & Community “All my life I’ve been a part of a family that rented,” says Justina. “My parents rented, my grandparents rented, my aunties rented.” Justina recalls growing up in these rental properties. The landlords weren’t always responsive and they didn’t have the freedom to make the house their own as… Read more

Habitat “Home” Series

Part 1 – The Cost of Home In this three part mini-documentary, Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity examines the power and accessibility to homeownership in our city with renowned local historian Reggie Jackson. In part 1, “The Cost of Home,” we dive into Milwaukee’s affordable housing crisis and how it came to be. Narrated by Wisconsin… Read more

Strength, resilience and love – Aiesha’s journey to homeownership

Strength, resilience and love – Aiesha’s journey to homeownership Strength, resilience and love exude from Aiesha as she describes her journey to homeownership. Moments after signing the papers to her future home on North 3rd street in Harambee, Aiesha reflected on what it’s taken to get to this juncture in her life. “My mom was… Read more

Goodwill to Stop Accepting Furniture – ReStore Offers Alternative

Goodwill to Stop Accepting Furniture – ReStore Offers Alternative Beginning Thursday, November 4th Goodwills across the region will no longer accept donations of furniture. This has left some wondering what to do with their gently used sofas, chairs, tables and more. Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity offers a solution in the form of ReStore, the nonprofit’s… Read more

Deconstruction to Construction

Deconstruction to Construction Milwaukee Habitat’s Deconstruction Services crew salvages reusable items from residential and commercial buildings, saving people time and money. They give items a second life, reselling them to fund Milwaukee Habitat’s mission of building decent, affordable homes in partnership with families in need. Volunteers Ken and Cindy Gear started the program in 2012… Read more

Not Far from Home

Not Far from Home “We used to come down here and buy our shoes in one of the stores that was about 10 minutes from here,” Joe Goss said. “So we knew the [Harambee] neighborhood 40, maybe 50 years ago.” Joe, along with his brothers, Tom and Michael, volunteer every Friday building homes for Milwaukee… Read more