MLK’s Fair Housing Legacy

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Fair Housing Legacy Since 1986, the United States has dedicated the third Monday in January to honor the birth of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This day, commonly known as “MLK Day,” commemorates Dr. King’s accomplishments and encourages individuals to serve and uplift their communities. Although Dr. King… Read more

Building Homes and Community

Persephone’s block Building Homes and Community Here at Milwaukee Habitat, we are proud to be a community. We are a community of homeowners, volunteers, staff, supporters, neighborhoods, friends, and family. We work together for one common goal: affordable homeownership. This shared goal brings many people together and creates unique and impactful relationships. A recent example… Read more

Stephanie’s Building Her Future

Stephanie’s Building Her Future By investing in homeownership, Stephanie is seeking to build a foundation of stability for her family. With her four year old son, Jaxen, and a little girl on the way, Stephanie is building a three bedroom home in Milwaukee’s Midtown neighborhood. Family is extremely important to Stephanie, another reason why this… Read more

Happy Holidays!

From our Habitat Families to Yours, Happy Holidays May the holiday season bring you special moments and happy memories. Celebrate with Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity homeowners and their families by looking at their Christmas photos below. Consider giving a gift this holiday season to help more Milwaukee families invest in the stability of homeownership. Give… Read more

“Generational wealth has got to start somewhere”

“Generational wealth has got to start somewhere” By investing in Habitat homeownership, Tayana is looking to build equity in asset that will benefit her family for years to come. “Generational wealth has got to start somewhere,” she says. Tayana is building a three bedroom home in Milwaukee’s Midtown neighborhood. She and her young son, Josiah,… Read more

Growing Up Habitat

Kweku’s parents purchased his family’s Milwaukee Habitat home when he was in middle school. Now 17 years later, he’s reflecting on the impact Habitat homeownership had on his life and writing letters to Habitat supporters. Read them and watch his story below. A Stable Foundation I hope you are well! My name is Kweku-TeAngelo Cargile Jr…. Read more