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National AmeriCorps Week: “This Work Means Everything”

National AmeriCorps Week: “This Work Means Everything” This week is national AmeriCorps week. It is a week where we recognize and celebrate the commitment of those who chose to serve their community through AmeriCorps.  AmeriCorps is a network of local, state, and national service programs that bring people together through service and volunteering to address…

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“I’ve always wanted to own my home.”

“I’ve always wanted to own my home.” For the past 17 years, Persephone (pronounced: per-SEF-a-nee) has raised her daughter in a two bedroom townhouse on Center Street in Milwaukee. She’s never missed a rent payment and always maintained the property. However, a few years ago, Persephone became determined to stop paying into someone else’s future… Read more

More than an Internship

More than an Internship Zorris went to Riverside High School where he was part of the Robotics team. Through this, he had an opportunity to intern at Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity and work to bring safe, affordable housing to Milwaukee families.  Milwaukee Habitat partners with the Argosy Foundation to connect FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition… Read more

Stability In Homeownership

Stability In Homeownership In today’s feature video, Milwaukee Habitat Homeowners Rishonda and Tawyana speak about their experiences owning Habitat homes. Rishonda has owned her home since 2016 and Tawyana has owned her home since 2005. These are two strong, independent women who have worked hard to give their children every opportunity they can. Years ago… Read more